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2018 cryptocurrency outlook

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Businesses and governments became worried that the pseudonymous and decentralized nature of digital currency transfers might offer a way for criminals to conceal their financial activities from the authorities.

For instance, Bitcoin was used on the web-based, illegal drug market called Silk Road. This exchange and Bitcoin escrow program allowed more than , illegal product transactions from about January until October , when the government shut down the company and detained persons operating the platform. Criminal usage of virtual currencies would not automatically mean that blockchain is a net negative for the community since its advantages may outweigh the social expense of increased criminality enabled by virtual currency.

Law enforcement agencies have the potential to minimize the usage of digital currencies to prevent law enforcement. In addition to the ability of law enforcement to prosecute violence, the government has the right to restrict digital currency exchanges to legislation relating to the monitoring of criminal behavior.

ASIC mining hardware is expected to hold the largest share mainly due to its high performance and high hash rate while mining a specific coin. The software segment is further categorized into mining software, exchange software, payment, wallet, and others.

Exchange software uses a trading engine that is a single interface for connecting offers and exchanges with digital currency derivatives. The platform is used to match, sell and buy from users, thereby holding the largest share in the market. Significant dispersion of exchange platforms is likely to drive the market globally. Whereas, wallets can be hardware or software wallets. Software wallets or digital wallets are seen to be adopted majorly due to their security enhancement.

Depending on the user's control over the private key protection function, digital wallets are categorized again as a self-hosted or custodial wallet. Adoption of Bitcoin to Account for Maximum Share. Among these, Bitcoin is a highly adopted digital currency in the market. According to a report published by Deutsche Bank AG in , bitcoin is one of the most used digital currencies, and it will maintain its dominance over the coming years.

Ether, a virtual currency that can be used for accounting, investing, and establishing smart contracts and decentralized applications, is another popular virtual currency on the market.

In the market, Ether is projected to expand at a modest rate. Similarly, Ripple is used to verify debentures. The network established with ripple generates creditor-debtor relations and account balances accessible for each user within the network.

The technical implementation of Litecoin is the same as Bitcoin, while it has the advantage that it is four times faster than bitcoin, which is projected to lead the market in upcoming years. Other cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Moneor, and Dash also make a considerable contribution to market growth. To know how our report can help streamline your business, Speak to Analyst.

Based on end-use, the market is segmented into trading, e-commerce and retail, peer-to-peer payment, and remittance.

Trading captured the largest market share. The segment focuses on crypto solutions that are used for trading, such as Pionex, Cryptohopper, Bitsgap, Coinrule, and others. E-commerce and retail companies have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option. For instance, in September , The German branch of chain Burger King restaurant accepted bitcoin as payment for its online deliveries and orders.

The penetration of virtual currencies in digital payment is expected to affect cross-border remittances. The financial institution is directing towards blockchain technology which is expected to drive the market in upcoming years.

To get more information on the regional analysis of this market, Request a Free sample. North America captured the largest share in the global market in , as most of the region treated bitcoins as a medium of exchange for tax purposes rather than currency. Although the government does not legally regulate the fact, many developed countries still focus on using digital money.

Acceptance of digital cash by consumers as well as retailers drives the growth of the market. Additionally, the popularity of bitcoin mining and the presence of a majority of key players dominate the market in North America. Besides, several technological developments and acceptance of virtual currency for some platforms in Japan and Taiwan are expected to majorly boom the market in the Asia Pacific.

Strategic collaborations, partnerships by key players also contribute to the market in the Asia Pacific. For instance, in January , Z Corporation, Inc. It can be expected that the effect of the COVID outbreak may offer some opportunities for this market to grow in certain economies. Europe and MEA are also projected to see a large growth rate followed by the Asia Pacific in the forecasting period. The UAE and Dubai are at the forefront of blockchain development in the Middle East, while Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have recently taken measures towards the acceptance of digital cash.

The UAE is introducing open ledger solutions. At the end of , the central bank of the UAE declared that it would collaborate with its counterpart in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority SAMA , to create a digital currency that could be used by both institutions and some commercial banks for fast and secure settlements.

Financial services firms in the region are among those who may profit greatly from the introduction of blockchain technologies in fields such as payments, supply chain, finance, and trading, as well as monitoring, compliance, and operations. Companies operating in the market such as Bitmain Technologies Ltd. Also, the high competition in the market is forcing companies to focus on different strategic initiatives to strengthen their market positions.

This market report provides an in-depth analysis of the market. It focuses on key aspects such as leading companies, product Industry, and leading mining software and hardware solutions.

Besides this, the report offers insights into the cryptocurrency market trends and highlights key industry developments. In addition to the aforementioned factors, the report encompasses several key factors contributing to the market's growth over recent years. Bitmain Technologies Ltd. This list does not necessarily mean that all the below companies are profiled in the report. The data offered to us was exactly what we were looking for. Thank you! Not only that they were very responsive and dealt with all my questions very quickly but they also responded honestly and flexibly to the detailed requests from us in preparing the research report.

We value them as a research company worthy of building long-term relationships. The report covered all the points and was very detailed.

The report was very accurate and as per my requirements. Remarkable job and great efforts by your research team. This is a very good piece of work and will be very helpful to us going forward. We know where we will be getting business intelligence from in the future. It looks quite comprehensive and the data is exactly what I was looking for.

I appreciate the timeliness and responsiveness of you and your team. Power Point. Listen to Audio Version. Such initiatives by market players are expected to contribute to the growth of the market. Frequently Asked Questions How much will the global cryptocurrency market be worth in ? That means if this is crypto winter , a term that refers to an extended bearish period, it could last for several months more. Seasoned crypto investors have been here before and are rarely spooked by extended low periods.

The market has evolved significantly since then. Low periods are a time for the industry to clean up and build the infrastructure and applications that will make it easier for the next wave of newcomers in the next bull market. Between decentralized finance, nonfungible tokens, the metaverse and more, there's plenty of interest in new sectors of crypto that go beyond bitcoin.

For example, interest � and money � in NFTs boomed in Most people still only see them as digital art, a concept that's hard to grasp for many. People also overlook other potential uses for NFTs. For instance, an NFT of a house deed could provide a history of property ownership, while NFT medical records may offer patients a safe way to share information with doctors, Vicuna said.

King noted that despite new interest in decentralized finance, or DeFi, its still too early and underdeveloped for it to take off. DeFi allows users to participate in lending and other financial activities using blockchain and do so without any middlemen. The infrastructure is still being built, it's still clunky and hard to use.

DeFi needs that onramp to improve it and make it less speculative. It just takes time. Here's the bear case for artificial intelligence. Tech's on a roll. But some market pros aren't convinced.

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WebAug 8, �� 4 reasons cryptocurrency is likely to be �the future of money� Tuesday�s SEC decision to postpone a ruling on whether to approve the SolidX Bitcoin Shares ETF for . WebBTCUSD. %. As cryptocurrencies take a big step into adulthood this week with the trading debut of broker Coinbase on Nasdaq, it may be time to consider their long-term . WebSeeking Alpha opinion and analysis on the cryptocurrency market outlook. Click to read content on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Solana and many more.