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Bitcoins wife showing

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The trauma of it all pushed her to attempt to take her own life. She knows some people will not believe her account. Some of the truths about Quadriga are stranger � and, in the end, more mundane � than fiction.

Details that at first seemed unbelievable turned out to be correct: Mr. Cotten really did die, they really were in India and the orphanage really exists. But other elements have remained unexplained. Cotten signed a will less than two weeks before his death, for example, and Ms.

Robertson worked briefly for the very company she has professed to know nothing about. She also changed her name not once, but twice. Robertson said via video call from her small bedroom. During an interview with The Globe and Mail, she is at turns bubbly and tearful, effusive with praise for Mr. Cotten at times, but condemns his actions.

Everything, she said, can be explained, starting with her name changes. They moved from Nova Scotia to Hamilton, but the marriage did not last he had an affair and she did not want to revert back to Griffith. Her sister suggested she choose a new name. How about Robertson? She went with it.

She met Mr. Cotten on Tinder in while they were both living in Mississauga. He was too skinny and aloof, and she got the sense he was trying to show off that he operated an exchange for bitcoin, which she had never heard of. But Mr. Cotten grew on her. He was smart, funny and knowledgeable about politics and current affairs. As their lives intertwined, he asked her to help with Quadriga. Banks were wary of cryptocurrency companies owing to concerns about money laundering, and Mr.

To assist, she set up a firm called Robertson Nova Consulting Inc. She never made an effort to understand any more than that, she said. Robertson said she stopped processing payments in , after the couple moved to Nova Scotia and bought their first home in Fall River, a suburb of Halifax.

However, customer receipts obtained by The Globe show that Robertson Nova Consulting continued to send payments in Robertson said she had turned everything over to Mr. Cotten by then. She was more interested in travelling at the time, and enjoying their newfound wealth. As Quadriga added customers and cryptocurrency prices soared, the couple amassed properties and jetted off to exotic locales.

They stayed in expensive hotels, gambled in casinos and celebrated their wedding at a castle in Scotland in With money from Mr. Cotten, she started a property management business.

The couple had been discussing drawing up a will for months by that point, but always put it off. Shortly before their honeymoon in India, however, Ms. But their lawyer insisted. Around that time, Mr. Cotten was stressed and drinking heavily, two factors that can exacerbate the disease. Robertson planned to speak to him about his drinking after their honeymoon. She never got the chance. After Mr. Cotten died, Ms. A Quadriga contractor she had never met before flew in from Britain, desperate to access Mr.

More than a month passed before the company notified users that Mr. Cotten was dead. Robertson was hiding something.

Some began to speculate that Mr. Cotten was not actually dead, and had absconded with their money. Searching for someone to blame, a vocal contingent settled on her. Robertson received threatening phone calls and text messages; on Reddit, some users fantasized about murdering her.

The late Gerald Cotten, who was chief executive officer of Quadriga. Part of the reason it took more than a month to announce his death, Ms. Cotten set up a simple program that required him to check in periodically to provide proof of life.

The e-mail never arrived. Robertson said. In the days and weeks after his death, Ms. Robertson started learning troubling details about her deceased husband. An investigator hired to crack into Mr. She discovered from media reports that Mr. Cotten had a history of running online Ponzi schemes dating from the time he was 15 years old. He was also incredibly private and paranoid about security, insisting on picking up his own mail and keeping his office door locked.

Today, she wonders if she should have questioned his secrecy, but notes that he bristled when his integrity was under scrutiny. Once, at a party, Ms. Robertson grew jealous when he talked to another woman and confronted him.

EY, she was told, had completed its investigation and found that Mr. Cotten created fake Quadriga accounts, credited them with fake funds and made real trades, betting on the value of cryptocurrency. His bets went the wrong way, creating a financial hole that grew by the day. Robertson was shocked, and initially thought investigators had gotten it all wrong.

Robertson has been working to rebuild her life. EY moved to seize Ms. What she had thought belonged to her � including her real estate company � was now being wrested away from her.

Her book makes clear she had no choice, however. Had she not agreed to the order, EY would have asked the court to put even more serious financial restrictions on her in its effort to recover assets. The bleakest moment came in April, , when, alone in her Halifax home, Ms. Robertson drank wine and swallowed multiple Ativan pills in hopes she would never wake up.

For Robertson, the experience of thinking she knew the man she loved, only to learn about a vast, all-consuming lie, was one that broke her. That only made things worse. She began receiving death threats, as people thought she was on in the scheme, which she adamantly denies. She was just as flabbergasted as everyone else, opening computers and homes for searches by police and still learning little about what ultimately became of all that money.

She began recalling whole conversations with Gerry that seemed entirely fabricated in retrospect. In one exchange, Cotten had been going on and on about the greedy Canadian government taking millions via taxes.

Was there any real Gerry in there? Were some of the best moments of my life absolutely fake? She was grieving the man she loved, while learning that same man had deceived her, and defending him against ruthless attacks.

At her lowest, she tried to take her own life. Her previous marriage had ended after her husband had an affair, and her marriage to Cotten ended in a lie as well. She now has a hard time trusting people. There was also the very real material impact of what happened. Gerry had mixed the rest of their estate in with the funds of the company and its customers.

Now, most of those still thinking about the Quadriga scandal are left only with their questions, regrets, and warnings. But his lies were convincing enough he operated without detection for years under the eyes of regulators, creditors, and even his own wife. Every scammer needs enablers, or at least believers, and Gerald Cotten had plenty. Jennifer Robertson has tried to move on with her life and sink back into anonymity. She still thinks about her husband when she hears a song they both liked, or looks at old photos.

This year, she gave birth to a baby daughter, and is pursuing a career in elementary education. After living the life of an international elite, she went back to working at an old bar where she was once an employee to put herself through school. She hopes her story, in addition to being yet another tale of millennial capitalism gone wrong, is one of hope. She wrapped up the phone call. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later?

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