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This knowledge can also help you stay safe and spot suspicious behavior. To use Etherscan, you'll need a wallet address, transaction ID TXID , contract address, or another identifier to paste into the search field.

The information you'll see will depend on what you're looking at, but most of it will include associated transactions, addresses, timestamps, and amounts. You can also interact directly with smart contracts to make transactions, check gas fees, and search for airdrops through Etherscan.

If you use Ethereum for more than just HODLing or sending a few transactions, learning how to navigate the blockchain is hugely beneficial. Etherscan is one of the most popular options, so it's an excellent place to start learning the basics. You can use most of the features without having to connect your wallet or even opening an account. Let's run through the most common ways to use Etherscan and what you can do with the information you find.

Etherscan is a block explorer that lets you view public data on transactions, smart contracts, addresses, and more on the Ethereum blockchain. All interactions on Ethereum are public, and Etherscan allows you to look through them like a search engine.

You can use a transaction hash transaction ID to check all related activity, including tokens, smart contracts, and wallet addresses.. You don't need to sign up for Etherscan, but you can create an account for extra functionality. For example, you can set alerts to be notified of incoming transactions, access developer tools, and create data feeds. Etherscan doesn't provide you with an Ethereum wallet to use or store any of your private keys.

You also can't use it for trading. It only acts as a source of blockchain information and a database of smart contracts. Etherscan is one of the most trusted and popular block explorers for Ethereum. Having more knowledge of how you interact with the blockchain can help you better understand what's going on with DApps and transactions. This knowledge can also keep you safe and help you spot suspicious blockchain activity.

For example, whale alerts let you know if large amounts of a cryptocurrency have been moved onto an exchange. While not always the case, this information might suggest a large sell-off. You can also see what the founders of a project are doing with their project's tokens. This can help you spot potential scams or rug pulls , where developers abandon their projects and sell their coins.

A basic feature of Etherscan is tracking transactions. Understanding how to follow your cryptocurrency is a key to unlocking all the rest of a blockchain's information. You also paid a 0. After making the transaction, your wallet displays this TXID :. Let's say you want to check the number of confirmations the transaction has and see if it has been sent successfully.

Head to the Etherscan homepage and look for the search field at the top of the page. Now you can see all the details regarding your specific transaction:.

Transaction Hash. The string of numbers and letters TXID associated with your particular transaction. Whether your transaction has failed, is in progress, or was successful. The block number your transaction was included in. You can also see how many times your transaction has been confirmed. This is the number of blocks added to the chain after your transaction's block. The timestamp of the block your transaction was added to.

The wallet address that made the transaction.. The receiving address or smart contract. The amount sent in the transaction. Transaction Fee. The fee paid for making the transaction. Gas Price. The cost per unit of gas for the transaction. TXN Type. Information on whether a transaction was conducted under the old legacy gas system 1 or the new EIP block fee system 2.

We are independently operated and developed by a team of individuals who are truly passionate and excited about the kinds of decentralized information and infrastructure applications that Ethereum makes possible. And just like you, we are "users" of the Ethereum Blockchain. Etherscan is not funded, operated, or managed by the Ethereum Foundation but instead exists as an independent entity. The Ethereum Blockchain has a public ledger like a decentralized database which Etherscan. Our mission is to facilitate Blockchain transparency by indexing and making searchable all transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain in the most transparent and accessible way possible.

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