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Latest Stories. Most Popular Must Read. This must change. Pervez Hoodbhoy. Europe was ruined by war, but Pakistan fell on its knees because of its own doing. Usama Khilji. Ahmer Bilal Soofi. Dr Muhammad Reza Kazimi. Faisal Bari. The ravaging of the Pakistani economy has been wrought by fiscal malfeasance at the highest levels of power. IF the analysis of an American government think tank stating that the Afghan Taliban are unwilling to end their Our legacy was built by our people.

Our future will be, too. Construction is the engine behind our purpose. The work you do every day for our clients � building iconic, city- and communitychanging projects � matters.

You make every difference. Thank you for your unwavering commitment. Neary has spent more than 35 years with Structure Tone, previously managing day-today operations associated with its business in New York.

As head of Pavarini McGovern, McGovern has overseen a wide range of projects encompassing high-rise hotels, office buildings and other facilities. Thomas Foley spent more than two decades at the New York City Department of Design and Construction before becoming its acting commissioner last year. Under his oversight, the city established its first floodgate to protect the Lower East Side from coastal flooding and has moved ahead on plans to build new borough-based jails to replace Rikers Island.

Having spent about two decades at the New York City School Construction Authority, Nina Kubota became the first Japanese American woman to lead the agency when she assumed the position of president and chief executive officer last year. Kubota will see 12 new buildings open this year, along with additions to seven centers for prekindergarten and three-year-old students. The heavy civil construction industry has a staunch advocate in Robert Wessels.

The association has consistently backed calls for government leaders to invest in the Gateway Program. And luckily for the group, a vital component of the plan, the Hudson Tunnel Project, is finally on track to begin construction.

Under his leadership, The LiRo Group continues to handle highprofile endeavors in New York, including transforming Pier 76 into a public recreational space. State Sen. Jessica Ramos and Assembly Member Latoya Joyner were behind a new law that makes construction contractors responsible for wage theft committed by their subcontractors.

This measure was backed by numerous labor unions. Ramos sponsored another bill signed into law. The Australia-based company has been at the forefront of numerous significant projects in the region. For example, the firm partnered with Turner Construction on the expansion of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, adding 1. Lendlease also provided construction management services for Brooklyn Point in. And with billions of federal infrastructure dollars headed to the MTA, Garner anticipates even more opportunities to engage with diverse contractors.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has made major strides in contracting with minorityand women-owned business enterprises. Rodriguez is spearheading plans to add raised crosswalks each year to city streets to reduce traffic deaths and increase accessibility.

A former City Council member from northern Manhattan and an ally of New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Rodriguez also oversees other capital projects at the agency, such as repairing roadways and adding more bike lanes. Robert Bonanza coordinates with union members to promote the benefits of a unionized construction workforce and to advocate for pro-labor legislation that ensures construction sites maintain safety standards.

As construction manager for the project, Hunter Roberts Construction Group had a major hand in completing the heralded space. The construction leader brings extensive experience in the.

The firm is also working on a project to reduce congestion on the Kew Gardens Interchange,. Under her leadership, the organization has doubled in size and established a diversity council.

Burns is also vice president and director of workforce development and engagement at Turner Construction Co. Joseph Chiarelli leads much of the Consigli Construction Co. One major project that Gensler recently snagged: Designing John F. The contractor has developed a strong reputation for delivering on projects to construct and repair tunnels, dams, highways, bridges, ports and buildings.

Haugland also is an active campaign donor who used to contribute to then-Gov. He and his family have since been behind Gov. Now the company president, he is focused on ensuring the success of its construction projects in New York City,.

As the president and CEOdesignate of Empire State Development, that means investing in infrastructure and construction initiatives across the state.

Empire State Development finances and supports a diverse range of affordable housing developments, energy facilities, transportation hubs and other projects.

Congratulations to Bill, and a round of applause for the entire Construction Power ! City that would be the tallest building in Queens. The company brings much of their expertise to large-scale projects in New York. That includes taking on the responsibility to design a proposed foot residential skyscraper in Long Island. Geiger just helped keep a proposed renewal of the a tax break out of the state budget and has. However, the proposal hit a roadblock after the request for proposals was pulled.

The fifth-generation leader brings more than three decades of. Kennedy International Airport. Kiewit Corp. That made the Nebraska-based company a natural fit for. Christopher T. Confrey John R. Powers Hugh R. Manley Kenneth B. Klemens, Jr. Allen S. Wright Timothy S. Dominick M. Kiewit has been tasked with designing and building the offshore substation for the project. As part of a joint venture, the company served as construction manager for the redevelopment of Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport and designed plans for.

Bill Banfield supports carpenters across New York, overseeing efforts to help local unions in every corner of the state. As part of that work with the North Atlantic. Lisa Flores, who took over the office in January, is focused on making it even smoother for businesses working with the city. Flores is also focused on increasing opportunities for minority- and women-owned business enterprises.

Anthony E. The engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti is one of the largest engineering firms in New York City, and it has been a partner on high-profile Manhattan developments such as Times Square Tower, the Helmsley Building restoration and the Hudson Yards megaproject.

Eli B. His previous work as first deputy commissioner at the New York state Department of Transportation and as an experienced Assembly staffer has given him valuable insight into state government. Peter Tully runs a familyowned construction company, bringing more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Tully Group has had a hand in a wide range of projects constructed for airports, highways, dams, reservoirs and treatment plants. Koch Care Center. He joined other lawmakers in pushing the Port Authority.

LeChase Construction Services is behind many notable projects in Western New York, where the powerhouse construction firm is based. Looking toward the rest of the year, Goodrich is optimistic about future construction for the health care, education and commercial sectors. He has worked with the agency since , having served recently as executive director of technical affairs. That includes everything from implementing new stormwater.

Ferreira Construction Co. And under T. Last year, SOM unveiled plans to build a 1,foottall. Michael Zetlin is one of the premier construction attorneys in New York. His experience as a civil engineer and lawyer gives him the know-how to navigate complex litigation and arbitration, as well as contract negotiations for his clients.

Brake has been with HNTB for two decades, bringing extensive planning, engineering and construction management experience. Christer Ericsson has helmed the Long Island-based company for four years and oversees many big projects in the area. In , it secured its largest engineering design contract yet: working with. He took on a high-profile proposal to build an inverted skyscraper in Hudson Yards, which would have been the first skyscraper in the city built by a group of majority Blackowned companies.

And while the project may no longer be coming to fruition, Adjaye remains active in the region. The residential building at William St.

Arup has also worked on major projects such as the first phase of the Second Avenue subway in Manhattan and the. Mario M.

Rachana Pathak took over as head of the task force last year, managing its investigations into unsafe worksites, fraud, bid-rigging and other forms of corruption. He leads a union whose 5, members span much of New York City as he negotiates labor-friendly agreements on their behalf.

The Walsh Group and its subsidiaries are best known for their work in the Midwest, particularly in Chicago. As cochair of the Walsh Group, Matthew Walsh has been responsible for transforming the company into a major civil contractor. Jeff DiStefano leads the yearold company and manages its projects spanning across the state. The firm had a hand in replacing six bridges in Ulster County and seven bridges on Route 73 in Essex County. Hospitals needing to increase the number of available beds.

Christine Flaherty played a key part in expanding the needed capacity for the public health system and was recognized last fall by the National Association of Minority Contractors for her efforts. Under her leadership, the Bradford Construction Corp.

And she has used her position to advocate for other businesses. The Rev. Jacques DeGraff has made it a priority to support and advocate for minorityowned business enterprises. He chairs the MBE Leadership Summit, a coalition of business leaders and civil rights organizations in New York City, and has backed calls for state legislators to pass measures increasing opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses.

Her construction management firm has regularly coordinated with government institutions such as the New York City Economic Development Corp. Ehab Shehata helms the. The company has been increasingly active in the region, including working as the civil and geotechnical engineer for Park Ave. Kyle Larkin has. Barbara Armand Kushner founded Armand Corp. In the past year, the BRI has partnered with nonprofits in Westchester to call on state lawmakers to push forward legislation that would increase the housing supply in the county.

Since , the New York Building Congress has been committed to advancing the interests of the building community. With a growing roster of nearly active member organizations � from all sectors of design, construction, and real estate � there is no other organization that unites the building industry as effectively as the Building Congress. Building Skills NY:. Connects hundreds of individuals to trainings in industry recognized credentials learn more at buildingskillsny.

The organization partners with government agencies, banks and contractors such as Turner Construction to deliver that support to its members.

Its work is spearheaded by Sanjeev Dhawan, who founded the company 25 years ago. But the company also handles less flashy endeavors, such as constructing a new marine terminal in the Bronx. Weeks, who serves as chair and CEO. Last year, his firm secured a contract to handle demolition, partitions and concrete work needed to create new health centers responding to COVID Parikh is also a leader in advancing minorityand women-owned business enterprises and serves as the president of the New York TriState Chapter of the National Association of Minority Contractors.

Nontraditional Employment for Women is one of the few organizations dedicated to training women in underserved communities for careers in the building and construction trades.

Since , the nonprofit has placed more than 3, participants into careers as carpenters, electricians, ironworkers, laborers and plumbers. She also wrote in favor of the New York Blood. Cuomo Bridge. We are a privately held, Northeast-based certified minority and women-owned business enterprise specializing in program management and construction management.

For about 30 years, Samuel Padilla has headed his eponymous construction company and delivered on a wide array of projects. General contractors, developers and other building professionals rely on his group. Pally is particularly well-equipped to handle state government, having previously served as a state senator. In the past year, he has opposed a new state law that makes contractors liable for wage theft by their subcontractors.

Christian is also on the executive. In February, Purcell published a Gotham Gazette op-ed backing state-level legislation that would require workers to be paid a prevailing wage when they need to open up streets to conduct utility work. David Meade of Building Skills New York has been trying to combat that, developing a partnership with Bronx Community College during the summer to provide workers training in electrical work, plumbing and carpentry.

Scott Snyder heads the New York State Builders Association, representing builders, remodelers and suppliers across the state. The organization has been active in lobbying Gov. Kathy Hochul to allow homeowners to more easily build accessory dwelling units.

The New York State Builders Association was also active in opposing a now-passed law that makes contractors liable for wages withheld by their subcontractors. His organization also collaborated with Brookfield Properties to get more workers from the South Bronx hired for its development in Mott Haven.

John T. In the fall, the organization expressed concern about a state-level bill to require all new buildings to be fully electrified by , arguing the timeline is too short. He has overseen engineering support for numerous commercial, medical, residential and office buildings in New York.

WSP is proud to work with leaders in the industry to help enhance the mobility and resiliency of the city of New York and help its communities prosper. New Immigrant Community Empowerment, an advocacy organization for immigrant workers, has been vocal in calling for state and local leaders to do more to protect immigrant workers in the construction industry.

The group also backed an antiwage theft bill that Gov. Kathy Hochul signed into law last year. Diana Moreno has served as the head of the organization since her predecessor, Manuel Castro, joined the Adams administration. Its projects include providing a fresh paint job to the New York State Pavilion and a new coating system for the Brooklyn Bridge. He is also an associate partner at Gilsanz Murray Steficek and has worked on projects such as the redevelopment at Park Avenue and the construction of the Moise Safra Center in Manhattan.

In the past, it handled general construction to restore Saratoga Springs City Hall. New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health advocates for safe workplaces in the state, with a mandate to improve conditions in the construction industry.

In the ensuing 36 years, he rose through the ranks of the union, becoming president and business manager in Scaffold Safety Law, which makes owners and contractors liable if an employee falls and is injured without protective equipment. Your innovative ideas and unwavering commitment to provide the best educational facilities for the children of New York City inspires us all!

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