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Bitcoin bubble vs other bubbles bitcoin decline

Bitcoin bubble vs other bubbles

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Some investors argue that Bitcoin , in general, is a bubble. Financial bubbles can be found throughout history � with tulips in the 17th century and internet stocks in the late '90s. They're often seen only in hindsight. Until one pops, it's tricky to distinguish a bubble from businesses that are merely volatile or growing quickly. Prominent leaders in finance are split on the long-term viability of Bitcoin as an investment, too.

Some have doubts about the underlying value of the cryptocurrency , which doesn't hold assets or generate revenue like a traditional company, while others are bullish on Bitcoin's future.

Warren Buffett. At the heart of his critique is the fact that Bitcoin doesn't generate income for its owners � unlike, say, a company that sells products or services. Although it's possible for something to be valuable without producing value in a traditional sense, such as paintings, he said those situations are rare and don't apply to Bitcoin. Instead of generating value, he said the cryptocurrency "depends on the next guy paying you more.

Jamie Dimon. His doubts about cryptocurrency, he said, didn't extend to stablecoins : "There would be nothing wrong with a stablecoin, properly regulated. Jack Dorsey. As the founder of Twitter and the CEO of Block � the parent company of Cash App and Square , with a name that is a play on blockchain � Dorsey has a lengthy track record in tech and finance. Bitcoin, especially, stands out against all other cryptocurrencies, he said: "All the other coins, to me, don't factor in at all. Marc Andreessen.

The tech entrepreneur who invented the first modern internet browser, and later backed companies like Airbnb, Facebook and Slack as a billionaire venture capitalist, has been bullish on Bitcoin for years. His investment firm, Andreessen Horowitz, invests in dozens of crypto-related projects, including Coinbase. In his New York Times op-ed "Why Bitcoin Matters," Andreessen wrote: "Far from a mere libertarian fairy tale or a simple Silicon Valley exercise in hype, Bitcoin offers a sweeping vista of opportunity to reimagine how the financial system can and should work in the Internet era.

It's hard to say � partly because it's tricky to determine Bitcoin's real value. Two factors make valuing Bitcoin particularly difficult. Bitcoin has a short track record. Quinn is careful not to portray all cryptocurrencies in the same light.

And the financial services industry has also leaned into blockchain technology in recent years. House Committee on Financial Services. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin work the same way as Ponzi schemes, according to critics like Roubini and Quinn, with new investors paying out early investors because no actual cash flows are being produced.

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WebMar 4, �� Let�s start with the obvious: Bitcoin has no price. That is to say, from the standpoint of the code, bitcoins are just finite pieces of data. It is the market of global . WebBubble Bursting Angel believes the bitcoin bubble won't last until the collapse of civilization. Instead, he says the biggest threat to the bubble won't be major news .