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Black bitcoin billionaires

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When Hayes and Delo got together, little about them suggested they would storm the ramparts. On paper both had establishment C. Yet each was an outlier. At Oxford, where he double majored in math and computer science, he earned what the Brits call a double first, graduating with a perfect GPA in both subjects. When Hayes pitched Reed on his idea for a Bitcoin-derivatives exchange, Reed, disregarding his own advice, signed on immediately.

The youngest of three boys, Reed had grown up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. His father had been a network administrator for the Air Force and his mother worked as a newspaper editor. There were plenty of old computers lying around the Reed household, and Sam managed to get them working. By age 12 he had a paying gig: debugging and repairing P. Reed was much younger than Hayes and Delo, yet he had been at the crypto game the longest. Reed racked up roughly Bitcoins along the way, but in the process of reformatting a hard drive, accidentally erased the private keys required to access them, rendering his cache untouchable.

Reed was less institutional and more peripatetic than Hayes and Delo. He worked for a large defense contractor, found the corporate world suffocating, and bided his time at a couple of start-ups and freelance gigs before finding his way to Hong Kong in In an online career forum with his alma mater�taped while sitting in a hut in Thailand�Reed shared crypto-business tips. You want to sell the shovels. You cut out a lot of where U.

The lure of the exchange lay in the fact that people could make big money by putting in relatively modest crypto seed money. Make sure you read the fine print.

Hartej Singh Sawhney is another one of the colorful characters in the American expat crypto circle. Now based in Kiev�which he contends is far more hospitable to digital currencies than the U. In my book BitMEX should be able to put up whatever. Their terms are very clear. The birth of BitMEX six years ago was perfectly timed�yet dangerously fraught. In the eyes of U. Hayes, Delo, and Reed were in the catbird seat and began to accumulate serious wealth.

All three are billionaires, according to sources familiar with their finances. At the same time, though, they were outsiders, suddenly playing in an arena that insiders were looking to co-opt. Remember synthetic collateralized debt obligations? For all its upside, BitMEX came with a vertiginous risk. For years Giancarlo pressed Congress to enact a comprehensive regulatory framework to cover the crypto sphere.

Instead, legislators have relied on laws from the s�the Securities Exchange Act and Commodity Exchange Act�which were later amended in the wake of the financial crisis. Even so, the rules remain woefully outdated. Understanding what BitMEX was selling is perhaps less important than whom the company was selling to. But U. It did not escape their attention that BitMEX had plenty of American depositors, many of whom disguised their location by using virtual private network VPN software. They were flocking to BitMEX by the thousands.

And even though Hayes is a product of the banking establishment, where whole departments are dedicated to enforcing anti-money-laundering AML and know-your-customer KYC requirements, his immersion into the deeply libertarian world of crypto seems to have blinded him to certain realities.

Among them: U. Demirors was born in the Netherlands to Turkish parents, moved to the U. It is not hard to see why Hayes and Demirors became friends�and kindred spirits. BitMEX incorporated in the Seychelles, a move that allowed the start-up to move fast and minimize its tax exposure while Western governments struggled to even understand�much less create a way to govern�the newfangled financial instruments and market that BitMEX was building.

Regulators are still trying to tackle the exchanging of fiat and Bitcoin. That might have been magical thinking. But where Chu saw chaos, Hayes saw opportunity. While Hayes and Delo stayed in Hong Kong, Reed got married and moved back to the States, settling in Milwaukee, where he operated out of coworking space.

Come , BitMEX had to bring on 30 employees to cope with the explosion in trading. The firm moved into new office space, which it would soon outgrow.

By , BitMEX had become a high-stakes bazaar, moving billions every day. Since the indictment was unsealed in October, BitMEX has taken a huge hit; its market share and trading volume have dropped precipitously. A close friend insisted he was simply lampooning the thousands of attendees gathered inside the hotel�investors who talked a big game about cashing in on crypto, but who had really only succeeded in burning through millions in venture capital on harebrained schemes and ICOs initial coin offerings.

Sam Reed kept an extremely low profile, a secret billionaire on paper walking the streets of Milwaukee. Ben Delo, however, seemed to hunger for mainstream acceptance. Internet entrepreneur. Hayes, Delo, and Reed were literally moving in on the establishment. But ever eager to make a statement, BitMEX kitted out its office with an accessory none of those stodgy legacy companies had: a large aquarium inhabited, appropriately enough, by live sharks.

By the summer of , the amount of money moving through BitMEX was staggering. Dubbed Dr. In other words, he was about as establishment as Hayes was contrarian. Next to me is a gentleman who works with degenerate gamblers and retail suckers, nonaccredited investors.

One hundred times leverage. So what? You could trade this type of leverage anywhere you want to go. There was a great one A one-day spike in February �in the most highly regulated financial market in the world, highly liquid, and all these nice banks, people with suits on, went to nice universities, and your ETF went to fucking zero.

As Hayes spoke, though, other parallels with Zuckerberg were unmistakable: the arrogance, the disdain for authority, and the tone-deafness that veered toward self-sabotage. All of it was on display in Taipei.

When asked if he might concede that U. A few weeks later Dr. Still fuming from Taipei, he trained his ire on BitMEX and its CEO, accusing them of sketchy business practices, such as using an internal for-profit trading desk to front-run their own clients and deriving up to half of their profits from liquidations�the suggestion being that BitMEX is highly incentivized to screw over the very people who trade on the platform.

He believed in the monetary revolution. But he also believed that it should be fun and it should be irreverent, and we should be able to laugh at ourselves and that we should be able to call out the bullshit. Records show the house had been purchased a year before by a Delaware LLC. Hours later Audrey Strauss, the acting U.

Sweeney Jr. Reed, the only defendant in the U. Professor Roubini had been sounding the alarm for well over a year�and in October, the feds answered. But it was not just the Justice Department. Bitcoin is one of the greatest technological, financial, industrial and humanitarian inventions of our time. Unsurprisingly, he's an enthusiastic advocate of Bitcoin, describing it as "one of the greatest technological, financial, industrial and humanitarian inventions of our time.

He first made his entry into the world of cryptocurrency back in , after co-founding the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Tim Draper was already well-known as an investor with the golden touch, having bought into the likes of Hotmail, Baidu, Skype and Tesla in the s and early s. Then, in , he scooped up nearly 30, Bitcoin in a sale arranged by the US Marshals Service to auction off the assets of the Silk Road dark web marketplace.

Still, Draper thinks there's room for Bitcoin to grow. Bitcoin tenX from here by end of or early As the founder and CEO of Binance, currently the world's most popular cryptocurrency spot trading platform, Changpeng Zhao has managed to amass an impressive fortune since the exchange launched in Everyone I have met that got into crypto , thinks they got in too late, no exceptions, myself included, until 5 years later.

Not financial advice. And don't trade if you are not a trader. Given that the price of all of those crypto assets has surged since then, it's likely he's worth significantly more now, assuming he's taken his own advice and HODLed. Okay, we'll admit this one's a bit of a stretch. Saylor is something of a late convert to Bitcoin , having dismissed it back in at the time, he said its days were "numbered".

Since then, he's become something of a Bitcoin zealot. Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy. The second wealthiest crypto pioneer is Chris Larsen, a renowned business executive credited with co-founding Ripple�a blockchain-based remittance and payment settlement system that uses XRP for cross-border transactions.

The suit alleges that Ripple engaged in unregistered securities sales of the XRP cryptocurrency; exchanges raced to delist XRP , while its market cap plummeted. Zhan is an electronics engineer and the co-founder of Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain. The company was recently the subject of a dispute between Zhan and fellow co-founder Jihan Wu, which at one point saw Zhan hiring a squad of armed guards to forcefully seize control of the company after being ousted in October Zhan has promised that under his leadership, Bitmain will complete its planned IPO by the end of It should come as no surprise that the anonymous founder of Bitcoin is also one of its biggest holders.

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