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Ethereum technical analysis gdax european explorer crypto

Ethereum technical analysis gdax

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Expecting the price to move higher further in the short term until the strong support zone holds. Additional notes: upcoming halving Strong bullish outlook for weekly long-term perspective. Bullish tendency short term view follow up This information is by no means financial advise, you trade at your own risk, I am in no way responsible for your actions, seek professional advise from licensed financial experts!

Hi Everyone! That "Sign of Strength" is not done yet. As pointed out in the video; we still have quite a bit of upward pressure remaining We've now been rejected by that upper edge of the triangle, combined with a Sell signal from CTv2 and we've got a good trade here! Almost ready to confirm a reversal on the monthly. Too soon to call yet but going in the right direction.

Many traders are bullish on LTC due to the halving. It reminds me a bit of the situation when he was at USD and it was just before the crash. I'm not saying it will happen again here, but the risk in this area will be high.

I like LTC, I would easily put it 1st of all coins. LTC reliably serves exactly the purpose for which it was created. I just keep getting Secondary flow. Logarithmic graph. Term 3 days. Main trend. Local trend in the secondary trend�wedge-shaped clamping of the price Coin in coinmarket : Litecoin The same options.

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In every Traders lifetime there comes a time where Markets look like they are going to fly and fly. Markets push up quickly and they return to former levels seen along side former PA.

The question arises Will the level break and should I hold my longs against my will? And so the serotonin is released, the excitement begins and the FOMOer floods into the If eth doesn't hold , I reckon this will be the start of the leg down to sub 1k.

Next target is and I think will be violently sold into. There's very little chance will hold again. Ethereum - 24h expiry - We look to Sell a break of stop at We are trading at overbought extremes. A Doji style candle has been posted from the high. A higher correction is expected. A break of the recent low at should result in a further move lower. Bearish divergence is expected to cap gains.

Our profit targets will be and ETH just can't break this resistance level. It wicks above but each time got rejected. Yesterday it formed a huge bearish reversal candlestick pattern shooting start, signaling the trend could be over and ETH is due for a correction. The same story as with Bitcoin. ETH need buyers to step in and need them as soon as possible.

Talking on Twitter and social media, As a result of this move, ethereum climbed to a two-week high, following a Due to the golden cross, Ethereum just like the rest of the crypto are rising but only last for a couple of months before it drops. On the chart we can see that ETH is currently testing it's bear market trendline resistance, since topping out in NOV of 21 ETH has faced serious rejection from this same trendline on two different occasions and is now testing it for a third time.

ETH is also currently at a major structure level red zone that ETH has reacted to multiple times in the past as This year has started off well for crypto investors, with many cryptocurrencies rising in value in recent weeks.

This rise is encouraging for investors, implying that the worst-case scenario of this crypto-winter may be in the rearview mirror. Ethereum was recently priced at slightly A successful breakout above this resistance will continue to bring a positive move in the In order to get comfortable with further advances, a break above the territory is required. CoinBase has partnered with Trading Technologies to integrate bitcoin spot and bitcoin derivatives trading. By Annaliese Milano.

Jan 26, at a. Jan 26, Coinbase has blamed overwhelming demand from buyers for issues experienced during its launch of bitcoin cash trading last month. By Sujha Sundararajan. Jan 10, at p. Jan 10, GDAX, the digital asset exchange run by Coinbase, has resumed trading of bitcoin cash hours after its initial � and tumultuous � effort. By Stan Higgins. Dec 20, at p. Dec 20, Exchange startup Coinbase is taking steps to ensure its policies were followed over allegations employees may be trading on preferential information.

By Pete Rizzo. Coinbase launched bitcoin cash exchange trading Tuesday, but operations were anything but smooth.

The feature was abruptly pulled after going live.