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How to choose a cryptocurrency to invest in linearisierung regelungstechnik eth

How to choose a cryptocurrency to invest in

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There are many reasons for this. First, transparency is often a sign of legitimacy. Second, without knowing where the exchange is based, you won't have a good sense of the often-thorny legal ramifications of your investments. And third, if your account should get hacked, it is much easier to address these issues with the exchange and any regulators that may need to be involved if you have a physical address for the exchange itself.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies and exchanges , reputation counts. Before you even go so far as to create an account which should reflect a high level of trust, as it entails a user passing over private information of various types , take time to thoroughly research the exchange you're considering. What do other users say about the exchange? What does the exchange say about itself?

Have there been issues with security in the past? If so, how has that exchange addressed those problems? In your search, dig deep; look for potential negative stories that the exchange development team would not want potential customers to see. The harder it is to create an account at a particular exchange, the better. If it's too easy to generate an account, that suggests that an exchange is not particularly trustworthy.

What happens, then, if your digital assets suddenly disappear? You may have a much more difficult time tracking down and retrieving your money in those cases. Exchanges should do the same with their assets that aren't required for liquidity.

You've sifted through the pool of potential exchanges and found some that appear to have excellent reputations, stellar histories concerning security, and no history of hacks or scams. That's a great start, but now you'll need to consider how each exchange will affect your daily investing.

Two major factors that distinguish different exchanges are the fees and the currency pairs they offer. Most crypto exchanges will include some type of fee for your transactions; these can be based on the size of the transaction, or they may be dependent upon your level of activity, or, in some cases, they may be unrelated to either of those factors. Learn about the fees and consider how they would impact your investing based on your style: Do you plan to be highly active, making transactions every day?

If so, perhaps consider an exchange with a lower per-transaction fee. Another important consideration is the cryptocurrency pairs that your exchange offers. Coinbase , one of the most popular and successful exchanges in the world, only offers a relatively small selection of digital currencies for its users. If you're looking for obscure altcoins , you may want to look elsewhere, although Coinbase is considered to be excellent about security, user experience, and other trading considerations.

Make sure you're keeping in mind how your own investment practices will relate to the features and limitations of any exchange you might use. Crypto exchanges work similarly to a broker, giving you the tools to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily.

They also offer security features and storage options for your digital assets that may be superior to maintaining wallet software on your own. Cryptocurrency exchanges have started offering custodial key storage for their users but you should use this service cautiously, as cryptocurrency exchanges are often prized targets for cybercriminals.

Transparency is often a sign of legitimacy. Most do. They can be based on the size of the transaction, or your level of trading activity, or, in some cases, they may be unrelated to either of those factors.

It's important to research and be aware of exchange fees when you are ready to buy and sell crypto in this way. The most popular and straightforward way of buying, selling, and staking digital assets is through a digital currency or cryptocurrency exchange. Sound simple? Perhaps not when you account for the roughly of these exchanges that are currently available globally. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Unfortunately, some cryptocurrencies can only be stored in a PC wallet, so you don't have a choice in those situations.

But if you do have an option, we would highly recommend that you pick one of the following two options�. This is the best balance between convenience and security. A hardware wallet is a device that has the bare minimum of software that provides security and allows the device to store cryptocurrency. A hardware wallet that is very popular right now is the Ledger Wallet.

It has a tiny screen that allows you to control the device. As this post is being written, they are currently out of stock because it is very popular. So you may need to look at several different online retailers before you can find a place to purchase it. There are other wallets like the Trezor. The wallet you use will depend on the currency you want to store.

Wallets are only designed to hold specific currencies, so be sure to do your research before you purchase. Hardware wallets can be plugged into your computer and your funds can be quickly accessed with a PIN or security phrase. Even if someone gets ahold of your wallet, they can't access your funds without the code.

Since hardware wallets only have software related to storing cryptocurrencies, the risk of hacking is low. Some wallets also give you the ability to backup your wallets to an online account. Like all electronic devices, hardware wallets are susceptible to power spikes, water and hacking. If you do use cloud backup, that can also be another account that could be hacked. Also be sure to use a wallet that is water resistant. You don't want to cry over spilled milk�literally.

Paper wallets are created by software and printed on paper. They give you an easy way to store your public and private keys. These wallets usually have QR codes that you can easily scan to get the public and private keys. If you had to type in those keys, it would take too long and you would probably make a mistake. Many wallet designs also give you a way to hide your private key. You can also buy tamper resistant tape so you know if someone has peeked at your key pictured above.

Always check the security of a paper wallet generator before using it. Read below for details. Paper wallets cannot be hacked or lost to a power spike. Since they are totally offline, they cannot be compromised by a virus. You can also easily create multiple wallets, so all of your money is not in the same wallet. They are easy to transport and one wallet can store as much money as you care to keep on it. First, these wallets are essentially bearer bonds. So whoever has possession of the wallets is the owner of the currency in those wallets.

This is because the private key or password that is required to access the funds in the wallet is also printed on the wallet. So if you do create paper wallets, keep them in a secure place, like a safety deposit box.

Next, if you print your paper wallet on regular paper, with inkjet ink, then prepare to lose your investment. It may be tempting because it is a very cheap solution. But liquid, a small child and fading are all enemies of this el cheapo approach.

If you are going to store your currency on paper, be sure to use a laser printer because the ink is waterproof. That means that it cannot be WiFi connected and does not have a large internal memory. Both of these things can potentially be hacked, so it is best to keep it as low tech as possible. Also use high-quality synthetic paper like this , which is compatible with laser printers. Finally, you have to be careful how you create paper wallets. A shady coder could create a wallet generator that secretly transmits the private key of the wallet back to the creat0r.

This would allow them to steal your funds as soon as you transfer money into the wallet. Do some research online to find out which wallets are safe. Not all cryptocurrencies have an option to store your wallet on paper.

So if you really want this capability, be sure to research your storage options before buying a currency. This phrase is not written down in a true brain wallet , so you are the only one who can access your funds. Brain wallets might be a good short-term solution, but I would not recommend them for cryptocurrency investing. Imagine trying to remember your passcode when you are 80 years old. There is also a solution called Cryptosteel , which allows you to create a physical backup of your phrase.

Since it is made of metal, it's waterproof, fireproof and lockable. Since there are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the use cases of cryptocurrencies, it is very important to really understand every cryptocurrency you invest in. So let's take a look at the major fundamental factors that you absolutely must understand about any currency you buy. This is the most important factor in determining if a cryptocurrency will have long-term value or not.

I always tell people that they should think about cryptocurrencies as tech stocks. What problems does the company cryptocurrency solve? Is this something that has real-world value, or is it just a nice idea? Also consider the development team and who is running the show. Do they have a long-term vision for the currency? What do users think about the currency? By asking these simple questions, you will start to uncover which currencies may be valuable in the future and which ones will crash and burn.

As you do your research into the different types of currencies out there, you should understand the basics of how a blockchain works and why it is so revolutionary. Almost all cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain technology that has made Bitcoin popular. It is basically a database that is downloaded to every computer on the network. So if you are a miner or you have a PC wallet, you will have a copy of the blockchain for that currency. This database stores all of the transactions that have ever happened in the currency.

Therefore, even if one copy of the database is hacked, it won't match up with the other copies and the change will be ignored. Even if a cryptocurrency does solve a problem, there might be other cryptocurrencies out there that solve the same problem.

So before you invest in a currency, research the competition. It can be tempting to think that the currency you have found will be the solution that disrupts an entire industry. Just like with stocks, you have to take the float and maximum supply into account, when making long-term cryptocurrency investments. One thing that makes Bitcoin such a valuable commodity is the fact that only 21 million coins will ever be created. The supply of Ripple is also limited.

However, the maximum number is billion coins! That is one of the biggest reasons that price has stayed so low. Ether on the other hand, will have an unlimited supply.

The same amount of Ether will be produced every year. As time goes by, that amount will become a smaller percentage of the total outstanding supply of Ether. But this ever-increasing supply should keep the price fairly low, especially in relation to a currency like Bitcoin. If a currency is available on big exchanges that many people have access to, then it has much more potential to increase in value. The easier a currency is to buy, the more likely it will benefit from hype or favorable news.

However, just because a currency is not widely available, does not mean that you should avoid it. That might actually be a really good thing. When a currency is hard to get, that also means that it might be undervalued. So if you have done your research and you really like a currency, figure out a way to get some. Another characteristic of a cryptocurrency to consider the options for storing the currency.

Are they easy to use? Remember that the average person is not technically savvy enough to do a lot of crazy command line steps that were required to store and move many currencies in the past. So the more options the public has to easily store a currency, the more likely they are to buy it. Why would a decentralized and community-owned cryptocurrency need marketing? Well, the same reason why Apple still needs to market their high-quality products.

There are countless cases of great ideas that lost out to lower quality ideas, simply because of bad marketing. Before you invest in a currency, take a look at how well the team is marketing it. Check their Twitter account and any other social media channel. Once you have a few currencies that you want to invest in, it's time to find a good place to get in.

Since you are looking for a longer-term investment, you are only looking for good spots to buy. On a cryptocurrency chart, you are simply looking for a point where price appears to be forming a support level. It's even better if price consolidates for a period of time. Here's an example of a chart that is currently showing this pattern. As you can see, it looks like a pointy cap with a bill on the right. I'm not recommending this specific cryptocurrency, but it does have a sweet Baseball Cap pattern.

The reason that this formation happens is because of the pump and dump nature of cryptocurrencies right now. Many of these price moves are unsustainable, so price has to come down to a level that makes sense.

Here's another example on the Bitcoin chart. Obviously, there will be different variations of this pattern, but it is something that you should look out for.

This video will explain it in more detail. Even if price makes this formation, it could still head lower. But by waiting for price to fall back down to a reasonable support level, you save yourself some money by not having to sit through a major drawdown.

Now that you know the pattern to look out for, here are portfolio building strategies that you can use to increase your holdings. But I personally think that it's an incredibly lazy approach and even a small amount of additional work can greatly increase your returns. Dollar cost averaging is when you buy a fixed amount of cryptocurrency at regular intervals.

You don't even look at the price, you just buy to accumulate it for investment purposes. For example, let's say that you like the long-term prospects of Litecoin. On Coinbase , it's easy to setup a schedule to buy a certain amount of Litecoin every month.

Here's what it would look like. If you are extremely busy and want to participate in cryptocurrencies passively, then this could be the strategy for you.

You may forget to check the charts and want it all automated. Yes, dollar cost averaging would have worked very well over the past year.

But that is only because we saw a historical jump in prices, across almost all cryptocurrencies. As currencies become more actively traded, dollar cost averaging becomes much more risky. For the small amount of time that Litecoin has been actively traded , we have seen huge percentage drops in price.

One example is the drop marked here with the arrow. Could it drop more? In this strategy, you would purchase the same dollar amount of each currency that you are investing in. Any subsequent investment would be divided equally between the four currencies.

You would wait for the price to form a Baseball Cap as described above , before you buy each one. If you want to build a diversified portfolio of coins, but you aren't sure which ones will do well, then this is the strategy is for you.

It gives you exposure to a few currencies that have the best chance of succeeding�at a good price. With this buying strategy, you would fail to maximize your investment in the currencies that will outperform the rest. But since you can't be absolutely sure of which ones will be successful, this strategy gives you good diversification.

To take advantage of the currencies that you think will do the best, you could use the Unbalanced Portfolio Strategy. In this strategy, you would allocate every investment by how well you think each currency will perform. If you think that Bitcoin will perform the best over time, then it would make sense to invest a majority of your money in it. This is for investors who have done extensive research into currencies and have a very good idea of which ones will perform well. The preset percentage allocation to each currency can change over time, but be sure that you have a very good reason to make the change.

The only downside is that you could get the allocation wrong and invest too little in the best performing currency.

So only use this strategy if you are reasonably sure of your predictions. Once you have a solid portfolio of currencies and you are in profit, you can start to branch out to other currencies that have good potential. Now, let's say that you really like the potential of the Ripple Network. By using this strategy, you can leverage your gains to make higher returns and diversify your portfolio.

In order to get the most out of your current profits, you should look for times when price goes parabolic. This type of price action is unsustainable, so it's best to cash out some of these gains, before price drops again. Remember to lock in your profits , so you can keep your money readily available to take the next trade.

Reinvesting your profits is a great strategy for investors who only want to make a very limited investment in cryptocurrencies. If you are skeptical that cryptocurrencies will actually survive, then only expanding your portfolio when you see results, is a great way to grow your initial investment.

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