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Twitch cryptocurrency

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As well as the ability to leave Donation Messages. There's an online theory circulating that claims Stephen "tWitch" Boss and his family were in bad shape financially at the time of his suicide People playing detective on social media are working to figure out what may have led tWitch to take his own life. One popular theory -- based on some of the accounts he followed on Instagram -- was that he had invested heavily and lost big in cryptocurrency.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us that is false -- Stephen was not experiencing any sort of financial hardship in the time leading up to his suicide. What's more -- our law enforcement sources say no one from the family has mentioned any sort of financial issues with Stephen.

As for the social media chatter, a video posted by actor Columbus Short also helped to fuel the fire -- where the actor shared his own theory that tWtich may have had money issues. Our sources say Stephen knew Columbus through the dance world -- and their personal interactions were always directly associated with working environments. TMZ broke the story -- tWitch's wife, Allison Holker , told cops Tuesday she became worried about her husband when he left their home without warning a day earlier and wasn't answering his phone.

As we first told you, tWitch had checked into a motel less than a mile from his home Monday carrying a small bag. Hotel employees checked in on his room Tuesday after he missed checkout and discovered him dead in the bathroom from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available.

Call or text or chat lifeline.