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The single most significant benefit of crypto credit cards is undoubtedly the ability to increase your crypto holdings through accumulating rewards. Where most rewards-type credit cards will pay you in cash back , rewards points, or a statement credit, crypto credit cards generally pay rewards in the form of more crypto.

That will enable you to increase your crypto holdings through regular purchase activity. If you want to add a crypto card to your financial portfolio, be aware that laws vary from state to state. Be sure you understand your state's laws concerning crypto cards. Also, remember that most cards are currently unavailable to non-U. As mentioned above, crypto rewards can fluctuate in value from the moment they hit your account.

This is an advantage if the value rises. But if the cryptocurrency market falls, as it has throughout , the value of your rewards will be worth less than when they were earned. In short, if you expect that the price of Bitcoin and other cryptos will rise over time, a crypto credit card could be more valuable to you than a traditional card. However, if you're worried that a crypto winter will keep prices low for the foreseeable future, you might want to stick with your favorite cash rewards card.

Another big drawback of crypto credit cards is that you will be spending what is essentially an investment. And because of that, there may be tax consequences for transactions. Though the rewards you may receive on your crypto credit card purchases are not immediately taxable, you might be liable for taxes if you sell the crypto earned through your rewards at a profit. Do your prefer a credit card that will provide travel-related rewards? Finally, you should also be aware that many crypto-related cards have no benefits at all, apart from the ability to access the value of your crypto account at the point of sale like debit cards.

Crypto credit and debit cards are becoming more popular as cryptocurrencies gain mainstream acceptance. Most of these cards are issued by crypto exchanges.

Examples of some of the most popular include the following:. However, you'll also earn 0. Gemini Credit Card is a Mastercard that earns crypto rewards per purchase. Meanwhile, the card comes with no annual or foreign transaction fees. Crypto rewards are deposited immediately after you swipe the card to pay.

The Coinbase Card is a Visa debit card that also pays rewards in crypto. You can choose which crypto you'd like to receive for your rewards, and you can spend in either crypto or U. Another advantage of the Coinbase Card is that you can sign up for the card with no credit check or other requirements to qualify. You can spend with cash or crypto or choose from more than 23 national currencies and precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium, or platinum. The card is available in both physical and virtual forms.

But they expect it to roll out soon, and you can sign up for the waitlist. If the card provides crypto rewards, it will allow you to grow your crypto account through your regular spending activity using the card. But even with that advantage, a crypto card should not be your primary credit card.

Not all crypto credit cards offer rewards or other benefits, and those that do only issue those rewards in crypto. Crypto credit cards are new and still evolving. Think of a crypto credit card as a supplement to your regular crypto account, but maintain your bank credit cards for other spending purposes. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products or services. The Short Version You can use a crypto credit card to earn crypto rewards on your everyday spending.

These cards have benefits for crypto investors, such as immediate access to your crypto balance and the ability to accumulate more Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other digital currencies. However, these cards are less flexible than traditional credit cards and cardholders should expect a high amount of volatility in the value of their rewards.

After making each purchase, you will receive cashback in the form of CRO tokens. Furthermore, it is a prepaid debit card. If you do not have enough funds on your debit card, your transaction cannot go through! This has happened to me a couple of times for my Circles Life subscription , as I did not have enough funds in my card to pay for the monthly fee. If you are looking to top up your Crypto. Another thing to note is that your Fiat wallet and Card wallet are 2 separate wallets on the Crypto.

Meanwhile, your Card wallet is the wallet where your funds will be deducted from whenever you make a purchase with the Crypto.

Whenever you make a transaction with your Crypto. To receive the different cards that are offered by Crypto. I would only recommend staking these amounts if you are familiar with how cryptocurrencies work.

The price of CRO can be quite volatile, so it really depends on how well this currency performs. If the value of CRO starts to plunge, you may actually have much less in the form of fiat currency, compared to the time where you earned this cashback. The CRO cashback will be credited to your Crypto. This gives you a few options on what you can use with your CRO:. However, the price of CRO may fluctuate.

This is due to the fluctuation of prices of CRO with respect to the different fiat currencies. You will not be able to receive cashback on certain transactions. This includes transactions that fall under a certain MCC e. You can find out the full exclusion list on Crypto. There are currently 14 MCCs that are excluded from earning cashback with the Crypto. It would be good to double-check if your transaction falls under these categories before making the purchase!

If you make a transaction with your Crypto. There may be times where the transaction that you make falls under the list of cashback exclusions. Although you received your cashback at first, it will ultimately be deducted from your wallet! As such, it would be good to make sure that any transaction that you make does not fall under any of the excluded categories!

There are no limits to the cashback that you can earn from spending on the Crypto. Some cashback cards may have a limit to the cashback you can earn, up to a certain amount of spending per month. For the Crypto. However, this depends on the regulations of your country as well. For the special purchase cashback that Crypto. If you are using the Crypto. You are able to use your Crypto. However, you may be unable to make a purchase in certain countries, depending on where your card was issued.

Overall, you should be able to use the Crypto. So far, I did not encounter any issues where my Crypto. One reason why your card was rejected could be because you did not have enough money in your Card wallet. You are also able to pay for a transaction using the supported foreign currencies based on the prevailing exchange rate. With my Singapore-issued Crypto. The only issue with this is that the exchange rate is not reflected here.

To find out the actual exchange rate, you will need to go to the specific transaction in your CRO wallet. One issue that I have with my Crypto. This is quite strange because these transactions in foreign currencies used to work. However, after the Wirecard saga , I am now unable to make any purchases in foreign currencies. There are no foreign transaction fees when you are using the Crypto. When you are past this limit, you will be charged a 0. When you are making a foreign transaction using your Crypto.

After scrolling through all of the fees for the different countries, it seems that only cards issued in Singapore will be charged this fee. If you own a card that is issued in another country, you will not be subject to this limit or fee! All Crypto. The metal cards are only issued if you have staked a certain amount of CRO in the Crypto. However, this card is plastic, and not metal like the other 6 cards!

It is possible for you to get a Crypto. However, you will be issued the Midnight Blue Visa card , which has the least amount of cashback and benefits of the different tiers of cards.

If you sign up for the Crypto. If you are deciding if you can use your Crypto. However, this should not be a problem as most merchants would accept Visa transactions! You are unable to withdraw the money from your Crypto.

However, it is possible for you to make an ATM withdrawal to withdraw the money from your card. Currently, Crypto. Apart from spending money on your Visa card, the only other way that you can withdraw money from the card is by making an ATM withdrawal. The amount of money that you can withdraw depends on the card tier that you own. You are able to upgrade the Crypto. The new amount of CRO that you stake will be locked up for 6 months after increasing your stake.

Whenever you upgrade your Crypto.

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WebSep 26, �� The main draw of the Coinbase card is that it offers up to 4% cash back on purchases. However, the amount you�ll get back depends on the cryptocurrency you choose to spend. Here are just some of the rewards you can get: 4% back in Stellar Lumens (XLM) 4% back in The Graph (GRT) 1% back in Bitcoin (BTC) 1% back in Ethereum (ETH). WebIf there is a balance on your Visa card and you wish to have your funds returned, a $50 fee will be applied to cover the processing costs. Alternatively, you can . Visa Card Fees and Limits (Australia, including New Zealand residents holding Australia-Issued Cards) Refer to this article for information on the Australian .