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Pascal flammer eth

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His expertise is in the field of postwar modern architecture. He has co-curated the Dutch entry for the Venice Architecture Biennale, Open: A Bakema Celebration reflecting on the idea of an open society through the work and research of Jaap Bakema. His areas of research include aesthetic theory, Architecture and Modernity, German Idealism, phenomenology, and modern philosophies of desire, power, and subjectivity.

He is editor-in-chief of Site Magazine. In reaction architects, led initially by Keil Amaral and later Tavora produced a thick survey called 'Arquitectura Popular em Portugal'.

Many UK architects bemoan the marginalisation of the architect in the construction industry and look to Switzerland and Swiss architects as a glorious remnant of a past golden age.

In academia, particularly in the US but increasingly in Europe too, the shift in the position of the architect has been explained as an inevitable change driven by developments in the way that buildings are produced, in particular the 'digital turn'. The development of a more collaborative approach to design management and construction is often understood as a progressive move associated with an age which places greater value on process and equity than individual intellectual property.

A century ago we were told that the process of mechanisation would transform the role of the artist and the architect and yet it gave rise to the 'Modern Masters'. Is talk of 'marginalisation' defeatist or necessary? He has been design director and chairman of Reiach and Hall Architects since Neil has been a design critic at many architecture schools across the UK and lectures extensively, both on architectural theory and practice in the UK and internationally.

Whereas modernist teachers were preoccupied with progress and mechanisation, often at the behest of history, it was the relativism of postmodern thinking that rendered history positively flat.

Now, in many schools of architecture historical studies have been objectified so that they can be used as a tool to inform design method and stylistic pursuits, or its study has ventured so far into the realms of other disciplines and political movements that it often avoids the fundamental concerns of the discipline.

In this culture how are we to teach students of architecture the importance of history? He worked in the office of Prof.

Dolf Schnebli and was a teaching assistant for Prof. Mario Campi Since then he has worked with several international collaborators and friends�a long list of esteemed architects including Paolo Mendes da Rocha in Brazil and Alvaro Siza in Portugal�to establish an architecture that still engages social and political issues in visceral city projects across the globe.

We will explore his ideologies, buildings and urban inventions. Far from being a reflection on a body of work, this discussion aims to refresh the spirit of resistance lacking in contemporary architecture. From to , Snozzi worked in association with architect Livio Vacchini. Contrary to a dominant problem-solving approach of a large portion of today's architectural production, the discipline has often, in the past, been characterised by a complimentary attitude, which is less subservient to political authority and is not detached from the possibility of questioning the current condition and contributing to its transformation.

Gabriele Mastrigli has written many texts in books and magazines in tandem with Aureli and Tattara offering a broad historic understanding of Italian architectural culture. He is particularly interested in urban questions and the changing conditions of the contemporary European city.

More specifically, he has addressed through writing, teaching and practice the role housing might play in this changing context. He regularly writes and lectures, attends reviews in schools of architecture and competition juries. Even the master plan is contentious. In education we debate whether it is possible to set out grand visions or whether it is more appropriate to suggest the possibility of small scale incremental change. In practice the architect has been encouraged to understand his or her role as the 'repairer' of cities following the 'disruption' of modernisation and deindustrialisation.

Is it possible to re-imagine architecture outside of these formal and cultural conventions? Pier Vittorio Aureli is an architect, writer and educator. In discussion with Penny Lewis, Aureli will explore the relationship between architecture and the city. Extensive travel has exposed them to a variety of exemplary buildings the study of which has focused their ability to decipher rich architectural configurations and to make precise personal judgements in the designs they create.

In this lecture both architects will present plans and photographs of a building that has been important to them personally. Using the two examples as a starting point the following discussion will examine the general qualities of buildings through the shared lens of architectural principles, personal preferences and experien. Hidden within a deeply rooted culture of consensus and in unquestioning accord with the demands of the market, conventionalist values are established in order to resist the equalizing power and the uncertainty brought by globalization.

Thus current architecture epitomizes a morally motivated suspicion toward anything experimental or radical. In opposition, Rolf Jenni, Tom Weiss and Jan Kinsbergen share the conviction, that architecture is itself the frame within which alternative forms of life and visions for the society are revealed and debated. They push the boundaries of convention because they believe that it has always been radical disciplinary thinking that advances architectural production.

Their critique is not limited to Switzerland. It is an analysis of a general culture of relativism that regards the individual creative endeavor as a reoccurring spectacle, rather than a means to progress. He painstakingly designs and builds architectural projects with an unfailingly rigorous approach.

In the same year he received his diploma and was working then as a lecturer for the HTW Chur. From to he was head of the department of architecture at the ETH. He has won a number of national and international awards, including the Swiss Art Award and the Weissenhof Architecture Award. In this talk, he discusses the house in rural Switzerland he designed for his own family.

House In Balsthal provides for two different ways of experiencing the landscape: at ground floor level, a visceral connection to the surrounding nature, created by a low ceiling and continuous windows; at first floor level, a sense of detached observation.

Flammer also explores his changing design approach from a reliance on systems to composition, and his unconventional approach to teaching his studies at Princeton and Harvard. Recorded in London in September Please note that a transcript of this talk is available - please contact us for further details.

When you purchase a talk from Pidgeon Digital, you can watch it up to 10 times in a 72 hour period.

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The result is minimalist but effortless. Pascal Flammer lives and works in Zurich. He opened his office in and has been given a. Architecture Speaks! The online lecture will be held on Zoom Webinar platform. Link and instructions for participation are sent in a separate email after the registration has closed. The online lecture is free of charge and organized in English. Live captioning is provided. This is made possible thanks to the architect's emphasis on viewing architecture as a framework that promotes a way of life, rather than a building itself.

The conference is included in the series of Foros organized by the UIC and celebrates its eighteenth edition this year under the theme of "Origin".

Read more Read less. Metalocus recommends. More information. Pascal Flammer. School of Architecture of the UIC. Direction of Foros series. Jorge Vidal. April 25, at Public lecture. Free admission. He opened his practice in and has won several national and international awards. Pascal gained his experience through his time at Valerio Olgiati, where he worked from until He is currently teaching at the ETH Zurich.

Our selection. Public architecture is abstract, and abstract architecture is public.

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04.19.19 Student Lecture Series - Pascal Flammer

WebPascal Flammer Architect Pascal Flammer Architekten AG Riedtlistrasse 27, CH Zurich / +41 (0)44 13 10 [email protected] Webstudio Pascal Flammer sees as interesting on the work of this architect; f.i views and relations from the inside to the outside; imaginative details in the interior and exterior; . WebApr 19, �� Pascal Flammer work and lives in Zurich. He opened his office in and has been given a.o. the Swiss Art Award, the Weissenhof Architecture Award for the .