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Bitcoin decoupling

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For crypto to be a solid alternative to stock investing, the two asset classes cannot be closely correlated. If they are, investors will have two groups of high-risk assets that perform similarly.

This will make crypto more attractive to investors at the expense of the competition�the stock market. At the moment, however, this seems to be more a pipedream and less an inevitable promise, as the data below shows.

Bearing in mind that a correlation rate of 1 signifies the strongest level of coupling between assets, at certain times, the day correlation between the NASDAQ and Bitcoin was as high as 0. This means that often, prices of high-cap crypto assets and stocks are increasingly moving in the same direction.

It seems that the more uncertainty there is in the market from factors such as continuing COVID19 surges, Russia-Ukraine war, inflation and interest rate hikes, the higher the correlation is between stocks and Bitcoin. This is not exactly surprising, as most people are treating Bitcoin as a high-risk stock at the moment i. What caused this, considering the irony that Bitcoin started out as completely uncorrelated to any of the traditional asset classes?

The price surge had caused institutional investors to sit up and take Bitcoin more seriously, and as more and more of them started allocating a part of their portfolio to BTC, Bitcoin, and by extension all other crypto, has come to be treated as risk-on assets just like stocks.

This, however, is not part of our current topic. Many crypto enthusiasts are hoping that BTC will start to move independent of stocks and other traditional asset classes. Similarly, altcoin supporters look forward to the day when decoupling will happen for altcoins and Bitcoin altcoins is an encompassing term referring to any cryptocurrency that is not Bitcoin. At the moment, all altcoins are positively correlated to Bitcoin in terms of price�this is generally not favored by investors as it makes it very challenging to create a diversified crypto portfolio.

By Contributor February 1, By Alan W. December 22, By Contributor November 29, By Contributor November 28, Phemex Blog. Late last week, bitcoin tanked while U. The cryptocurrency rallied while stocks declined early this week. However, such signals appeared to be fleeting, as both crypto and stock traded lower on Wednesday, and edged up on Thursday. Connors also attributed the decoupling partly to the fall of volatility in bitcoin, as adoption grows while the cryptocurrency has a supply cap of 21 million.

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How to buy stellar cryptocurrency in usa Privacy Policy. Currency Commodities. But what it actually means is a bit funny. CNBC Awaaz. The volatile digital cash nitcoin mainly acts as a vehicle for speculation now will become less risky than stocks following the Decoupling. Caterpillar CTO on what's driving the infrastructure industry. This loss of confidence or interest can be the result of myriad factors from political bitcoin decoupling economic, regulatory, industrial, and geopolitical.
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WebMay 30, �� That�s how the decoupling works. Traditional financiers will consider bitcoin as a risk-off asset as a result of the decoupling. Yes, they�re safer than stocks. . WebMay 29, �� The Bitcoin-Stock Market Decoupling Isn�t Happening Yet, but It Totally Will Indices Markets Finance Technology Web3 Policy Sponsored Content Upcoming . WebFeb 15, �� There�s a lot of narratives on what bitcoin is and what it could be, but that�s different from how the market trades it. Correlations range from -1 to 1 and indicate how .