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Crypto call sec meme

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When the going gets rough, there is a core group determined to meme through it. The joke is still funny, even if the financial situation is not. It is also a joke. The irrational exuberance now is reminiscent of Back then, there was a proliferation of initial coin offerings ICOs , with startups offering digital tokens to raise money.

They generated a lot of hype, and some even came with celebrity endorsements. A lot of them turned out to be scams. Some big institutional names started to get behind bitcoin. The cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase also went public in the spring , solidifying a spot in more traditional finance.

Cash App and PayPal and Venmo have begun accepting some cryptocurrencies; Tesla said it would accept bitcoin but then changed course. But generally, more people have gotten into crypto in recent months and years because it was easier to do so. The enthusiasm around crypto � some of it financial, some of it meme-inspired � bred more enthusiasm. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, and creating a new one is really easy. Some of the options are rather serious projects although there are plenty of smart people who would tell you absolutely nothing about this is serious ; others are a joke.

Even the price of a cryptocurrency at any given time can be debatable. In the relatively short life of crypto, there have been multiple rounds of booms and busts, most notably in and in There is more institutional buy-in this time around, which some people in the space say they believe means this time will be different. Of course, institutions can always walk away, and many investors are easily spooked.

The amount of money people have lost in crypto scams is up 1, percent over the past six months compared to the same period last year. There have been multiple high-profile hacks , and sometimes, people just lose their crypto because they forget a password or lose their keys.

The entire meme-driven retail trading trend has ignited calls from politicians and regulators for tighter rules. The same goes for crypto. But no single agency is even the clear regulator of cryptocurrency.

Crypto is generally considered a commodity, like oil or gold, and not as a security, like a stock, or a currency, like the dollar. The IRS has to deal with the tax component, too. This new policy stands to undercut some of the appeal of crypto, where transactions often fly under the radar. The lack of regulation, in many ways, makes the meme element more potent.

A crime is still a crime, and money laundering is illegal regardless of the currency. After all, the point of projects such as bitcoin is to be global.

China recently moved to clamp down on crypto transactions and shut down crypto mining operations there, which ignited the May 19 drop in crypto prices.

Hong Kong has proposed requiring exchanges there to be licensed by its markets regulator and limiting crypto trading to professionals � a big deal, given that many of the biggest exchanges of the world are located there. Given the environmental impact of crypto mining, some people would like to see it regulated out of existence forever. They hopped in on a meme coin and went along for the ride, many of them learning that making a quick buck on something they saw trending on the internet is easier said than done.

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A game show host asks two contestants to pick a square on a video game board with investment options including: internet rumors, celebrity endorsements, stock tips from your uncle, crypto to the moon, FOMO, meme stocks, tulip bulbs, guaranteed returns, and timing the market.

The video is designed to show investors the consequences of their investment decisions and to help investors understand the importance of protecting themselves when making investment decisions.

After the contestants make their choices, the video shows, in a fun and comedic way, the consequences of a good or a bad choice. Crypto � In the video, a celebrity encourages investors to take their advice and buy crypto-assets. The video is intended to remind investors not to be tempted by celebrity endorsements and to do their own, independent research when making investment decisions. Easy Money � This video reminds investors that there are no guaranteed financial returns on investments and that every investment � no matter how good it may sound � has a risk.

Margin � This video warns investors that borrowing money to invest can be very risky.

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Crypto, climate, meme stocks: Here�s everything the SEC scrutinized in 2022

WebDec 27, �� The SEC proposed the biggest changes to rules for the US stock market since the mids prompted by the GameStop meme stock frenzy in that saw . WebJan 18, �� The SEC filed insider trading charges in against a former Coinbase employee, alleging at the time that seven unregistered securities were trading on the . Webr/CyberSecMemes: Lovely Memes focused on Cybersecurity picked for my community ?.