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Short btc bitfinex trust wallet to robinhood

Short btc bitfinex

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The Bitfinex whale den, as it's known. Unless the whales swam away into deeper waters, why is it that there are less shorts than there were at the last major drop in the price of Bitcoin in July ?? I mean, look at the chart. The number of shorts opened is miniscule unless there are plenty more coming. Whales and market movers are not confident in a I just recently found this tool useful in timing the approximate time to be ready to sell or to buy BTC.

However, during the 29k bottoming process, there was so much pessimism that the shorts continue for a while even after bottoming. Please provide a meaningful and detailed description of your analysis and prediction.

I closed my eyes and focused on the heart of the coins. They whispered to me a secret I haven't heard since. The wind whistles by the trees. My portfolio speaks to me in ways I cannot describe.

A tear in my eye not from a grain of sand but a grain of eye opening truth. The place Get started. Videos only. BTC short squeeze looks about complete. ProjectSyndicate Premium. IgorPorokh Premium. H3H Premium. Points that warn Crypto could have a huge short squeeze. BTC Longs vs. TheSecretsOfTrading Pro. Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan, married New York residents, were arrested last Tuesday on charges of money laundering conspiracy and conspiracy to defraud the U.

The recovery of 94, BTC and the arrest of two individuals allegedly tied to the Bitfinex theft was arguably the biggest story in crypto last week, and only partly because of the money involved. Bitfinex used BitGo at the time as its wallet provider, with a multi-signature security setup. While initial reports suggested there was a server breach at BitGo at the time, the company said it found no evidence of such.

Further, Bitfinex held two of the keys. The precise details of the hack itself seem to still be unclear. Worth noting: Federal officials are not charging either defendant with the hack itself, a stance prosecutors reiterated during a pretrial detention hearing on Monday. Is it possible the two were responsible for the initial hack?

Who knows? Morgan gave a talk on social engineering and wrote an op-ed on protecting yourself from cybercrime. Lichtenstein appears to have commented about using bitcoin in crime on HackerNews years ago.

Nothing here is definitive. What we do know is the specific allegations laid out and the subsequent testimony from prosecutors. The two also allegedly had access to much of the remaining 25, BTC, which was laundered through various wallets and darknet marketplaces before being cashed out.

Despite these allegations, the part that seemed to get the most attention was the fact that these two just kind of existed in the way they did. They took the world by storm. Bitfinex said in a statement it expects to recoup the coins. Former Bitfinex customers will likely also lay a claim. The timeline here is a bit unclear to me. Israeli authorities arrested two individuals three years ago on charges they were behind the Bitfinex hack.

It does stretch credulity a bit to suggest that someone hacked Bitfinex and then gave the keys to all K BTC to a pair of Wall Street residents. Some of these coins have been disposed of to purchase things like gift cards and PlayStations. Some are in different wallets. That leaves a ton of BTC not yet recovered. Her videos are gone, including a Nov. November is also when Morgan and Lichtenstein found out their internet service provider had been subpoenaed.

My colleague Will Gottsegan already provided his own ranking of the ads. No one really said anything about it. The focus on the ad itself was more on the brokerage business rather than the crypto-specific components. None of my friends commented on the ad. The new version, featuring Lebron James and not even mentioning crypto, garnered a lot more praise.

Coinbase : I saw mainly two reactions to the floating QR code. Information security types expressed concern that asking people to scan a random QR code might reinforce less-than-ideal practices.

This seems a valid concern, but realistically there's a difference between a QR code paid for by a real, legitimate company advertised during the largest U.

Those QR code menus restaurants have are probably more obvious attack vectors. Closing thoughts: Something that struck me was the lack of explicitly marketing crypto.

This would have seemed unthinkable a year ago. Some of you may remember there was an immense amount of excitement over the possibility of a crypto ad in Super Bowl LV there ended up being no crypto ads. This year, it was basically seen as inevitable. Key: nom.

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