bitcoin miners shutting down
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Bitcoin miners shutting down coin live crypto

Bitcoin miners shutting down

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It's almost like a hedge against disaster. And it's no skin off the back of bitcoin miners. Bitcoin has no uptime requirement, nor is the gear worn down by regularly powering off and on. It's pretty much a win, win. Hertz-Shargel is concerned that bitcoin mining would only raise peak demand, ultimately adding stress to the system.

Ted Cruz, Hertz-Shargel doesn't think that additional demand is a good thing. Hertz-Shargel argues that ERCOT should be focused on grid improvements to make it easier to get power from solar and wind farms to big consumption centers, and that bitcoin miners aren't the right way to deal with demand fluctuations.

Instead, he argues, "the intermittency of renewables should be met with demand response from societally-beneficial loads, like industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and residential air conditioners � or energy storage. Jones has been touring the state and hosting public events to answer questions from Texans about the electric grid.

Besides winter weather, the impact of cryptocurrency mining on the grid is a common question. The ERCOT chief went on to explain the mutually beneficial relationship between the grid and bitcoin miners. They can get paid to use power.

And that's why they're coming to the state. But that's not necessarily bad. Jones makes the point that negative power isn't healthy for the market. Correction: A storm devastated large swaths of Texas in An earlier version misstated the year. Skip Navigation. Investing Club. Key Points. As a major winter storm descends on Texas, crypto miners are powering down operations to help ease the burden on the state's already beleaguered power grid.

The chief concern is that we might see a repeat of February , when a deep freeze devastated large swaths of the state, leaving 10 million Texans without electricity. Hundreds of people died amid the multiday outage. VIDEO The price of power per hour is all over the place, routinely going negative. Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards. Not all are convinced that bitcoin miners are the solution. Worldwide Exchange.

Gibraltar became a hub for crypto � now it wants to tackle attempts to manipulate the market. Ryan Browne. Here's the bear case for artificial intelligence. Tech's on a roll. But some market pros aren't convinced. Apple's patent for a new kind of iPhone could boost sales, UBS says.

These are not new rules, but the PBOC's comments show how China's top regulators are stepping up monitoring and pressure on financial institutions related to cryptocurrencies. China banned local cryptocurrency exchanges in forcing them to move offshore.

That did not stop Chinese traders buying and selling digital coins , though it added a layer of complexity to crypto trading. Chinese traders would have to move their Chinese yuan to a platform to buy crypto. That would be done via a payments service like Alipay or a bank account. So the PBOC's latest reminder to financial institutions could be looking to stamp this out further. The central bank notice added further pressure.

Skip Navigation. Investing Club. Key Points. Bitcoin, ether, XRP and other digital coins fell sharply. On Friday, authorities in China's Sichuan province, ordered cryptocurrency miners to shut down their operations.