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Your review means the world to us. You encountered a frustrating issue, but I'm so glad we were able to help quickly. I really used to love exodus but recent updates have made it nearly impossible to understand how to find anything in the app. There are basically no words, just a bunch of icons that are super ambiguous. Like how do you get to your settings?

How do you see your portfolio? The answer is just keep pressing the vaguely designed buttons hoping the icon you picked matches the action you want to perform. But half the buttons lead to some marketing up sell so it's annoying. Hi, Jan. We would hope that our customers would have a much better user experience than you did.

If you have any questions you can always email us at support[ ]exodus. Thanks for your feedback. Simple, secure, predictable, and beautifully designed. Was my first crypto wallet when I got into it, and it's still impressing me after I've tried numerous competitors.

Edit: had to downgrade the rating for one simple reason, the fees on transactions are way too high. It would be great to have an option to set my transaction preference speed, or fee amount, to low, medium, or high. Sometimes I would rather sacrifice speed of transactions to spend less money on having to move my funds.

Hi Nasser! Thank you so much for the feedback. We're actively working on reducing your fees and adding features to the wallet that give you a lot more control on how much you spend on fees, but we haven't set a timeline for this yet.

We do hope you enjoy these new additions when they're released and maybe you'll update your rating too :D. Clean your glasses and take a close look: BLUR support is here! You can now send, receive, and swap the native token for Blur, the non-custodial NFT marketplace where you can buy NFTs from multiple other marketplaces at blazing fast speeds. Exodus at a glance. Full details about Exodus' ratings. Other details you should know about Exodus.

Is Exodus right for you? How we review crypto wallets. Limited time offer. Terms apply. Tiers apply. Availability: You can access your crypto via desktop, mobile or browser extension without keeping assets in the custody of a centralized exchange.

Accessibility: Exodus has a simple interface that makes moving money into a crypto wallet accessible to relative novices. Security upgrades: Unlike some other wallets, Exodus does not have open-source software that would allow third parties to check it for shortcomings. Selection: Though Exodus supports a decent number of cryptocurrencies, there are competitors that store more.

Exodus does not have multisignature support, open-source software or two-factor authentication. Exodus supports more than cryptocurrencies. Exodus has features including purchase, swaps and staking. It also offers non-fungible token, or NFT, storage. Exodus is a hot wallet that can connect to dedicated offline storage devices made by Trezor.

Exodus has desktop, mobile and browser-based applications. Exodus has helpful educational content along with features to help you review the performance of your crypto portfolio.

Self-custody crypto wallets such as Exodus have some advantages over leaving your cryptocurrency in a centralized exchange. However, you should consider the potential downsides of self-custody wallets: If you lose your password or recovery information, it could be difficult or impossible to recover your crypto.

Among hot wallets, Exodus lacks a few advanced security features that some competitors have. It does not support multisignature approvals, which require more than one wallet to sign off on a transaction � potentially adding another layer of security.

You can use Exodus to carry out most types of crypto transactions, including purchases and swaps. It offers staking on a handful of cryptocurrencies and has Web3 connectivity to decentralized applications through its browser extension.

You can also store NFTs using Exodus. Exodus is a hot wallet that keeps the keys to your cryptocurrencies within your control on an internet-connected device. You can get an extra level of protection against data breaches by using a cold wallet, which is a device that keeps your crypto offline.

Exodus allows users to access their wallets through desktop, mobile and browser-based applications. And there are additional costs if you use Exodus to exchange crypto. Exodus may be an attractive choice for users who are migrating crypto portfolios off major exchanges but still want relatively easy access to their assets. NerdWallet's comprehensive review process evaluates and ranks products that allow U. We aim to provide our independent assessment of providers to help arm you with information to make sound, informed judgments on which will best meet your needs.

We adhere to strict guidelines for editorial integrity.

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WebFeb 1, �� Exodus Crypto Wallet Review Pros, Cons and How It Compares Our Take. The bottom line: Exodus offers a variety of options for crypto owners who want to . WebBitcoin & Crypto Status | Exodus Cryptocurrency Coin Status & Assets Cryptocurrency Coins Status & Assets Supported Cryptocurrencies with Live Status Updates. WebBuy Crypto with USD, EUR, and GBP | Exodus Buy Crypto with USD, EUR, and GBP Easily buy crypto with your credit/debit card, bank account, and Apple Pay. Download .