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G2a bitcoin pending

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However, most of the extremely cheap games seem to be the type you find in bundles people use for card farming. With all that said, how is the experience? It is unique compared to the other sites on this list. You add a few bucks using bitcoin and then you use those points through their built-in wallet on the store. It is slightly convoluted but with prices for games as low as one cent, you can see why they do it. It massively cuts down on transaction fees or Credit Card and Paypal fees when using fiat if you purchase at least a few dollars at a time.

Their payment processor performed fine, however after it went through there was no indication on the site that I had purchased DIG points. It showed up after a few confirmations, which is reasonable. I had a blank order page and had to wonder if I messed something up until the DIG points showed up in my account a few hours later. Once you have your DIG points, it is quick and easy to buy games. The downside is that its layout is horrible.

While there is a search function, there are no options to filter results by genre, price, release date or anything else. Just a vanilla search function. And since a lot of the games are bundle shovelware, it can be a pain to find anything worth buying. Ultimately, Daily Indie Game should be the place you go when you have a game in mind. Search for it and if its not there, then move on to other sites. Pros: Amazingly low prices, good customer support, DIG points cut down on transaction fees.

Cons: Layout really needs some work, library needs curation and the selection could be better. If AAA games are more your style, then Mmoga has a lot to offer. They have a huge selection of Steam, uPlay, Origin and Battle. Mmoga even has Bitcoin gift cards, which makes it a viable option to buy bitcoins rather than just unload them albeit at a markup. There are not a lot of things to dislike about Mmoga.

Its layout is nice, its price is in line with the other sites on here. In a random 10 game comparison with Joltfun, they tied at five a piece. However, on four of the games where Joltfun was cheaper, it was significantly so, oftentimes by over five dollars. When Mmoga had cheaper prices, it was usually by less than a dollar.

In fact, I considered making the top three selections a three way tie. I decided against that and Mmoga was pushed to the third spot by the slimmest of margins. Mmoga is a great resource for all bitcoin holding gamers. The only downsides are that the site feels a little cluttered, especially with its huge emphasis on in-game currencies but if that is your thing, that might be an advantage.

And the key delivery method was a little weird, they sent me a JPEG of the Steam Key, requiring me to type it out by hand. But that is the most minor of quibbles. Pros: Awesome selection of points and gift cards, can buy bitcoin on the site, CoinGate is great. Cons: The massive amounts of in-game currency can make browsing feel cluttered.

Selection could be better. When I started this article, I thought IndieGala was going to be number one. If I based it only on my experience, it would have been number one. It fell to the number two spot because the Crypto-discounts it previously offered were not meant to be permanent. And I have been told that the cryptosales will be coming back from time to time, so make sure you watch out for them.

But as things currently stand, I liked Joltfun a little more. Sure, there is some shovelware on them, but they usually have a few games worth owning. And they also have a traditional store with deep discounts over Steam and Green Man Gaming. When items are on sale, they oftentimes beat the other sites on this list.

Still, if you are an opportunistic buyer, the best discounts outside of Daily Indie Game can be found on IndieGala through a combination of bundles and sales.

Purchasing on IndieGala is an easy process. In addition, every key on IndieGala comes directly from the publisher of the game so by purchasing from IndieGala you are definitely helping the developer.

When the crypto-discounts are in place, IndieGala is the best site to buy games using crypto. But all other times of the year, Joltfun takes the crown, by the skin of their teeth.

Coinbase works great as a payment processor. Joltfun is, pardon the pun, a lot of fun to look at. They obviously love Bitcoin and wear it right on their sleeves. Better still, they are supporting the scaling efforts by offering Lightning Network payments in addition to traditional bitcoin payments. Selection-wise they are in the middle of the pack. The layout could use some work.

It really feels like going to a mom and pop shop and buying games with magical internet money. That feeling is enhanced by their barebones and sometimes nonsensical layout. The prices are competitive as well, with some titles costing more than on Mmoga and others coming in slightly cheaper.

Unlike Mmoga, Joltfun appears to be the work of one person, and he is a bitcoin fan to boot, so buying from Joltfun really feels like you are helping the Bitcoin economy, rather than giving your bitcoins to a company who is likely to liquidate them all immediately. I contacted the owner and he told me that it is indeed a one-man operation. Its payment processor for regular Bitcoin purchases is also great. BTCPayServer is great at keeping fees low, even when the mempool is growing.

There are times when IndieGala is better and Daily Indie Game can provide the best prices on the games they have. But Joltfun takes the crown based on its selection, overall prices and user support. Pros: Awesome prices, owner is a true supporter of Bitcoin, Lightning Network support, Good payment processor for on-chain transactions. By Onose Enaholo - min read Updated 26 January Share this article. If you get any issues with payment, the best you can hope for is that your bank and your account have not been pinged.

They should be able to confirm the status of the payment, and maybe even cancel it for you. It should technically happen within just 3 days. If the payment did go through, the merchant will be able to request that the payment be reversed via the payment processor portal. And for the most part, there are very few issues regarding these payment methods. Usually a shop that allows these kinds of payments will have a built-in e-wallet system, such as our G2A Wallet.

In rare exceptions, the funds can be returned. These are two very specific payment methods that are pretty much exclusive to South America. To be honest, this part should probably be in Spanish or Portuguese, but oh well. What happens is rather simple. A person makes a purchase, but instead of paying, they print out a slip.

The slip can then be paid at a bank or kiosk, and after 72 hours the payment is successfully completed. The bank then proceeds with the transfer in the name of the user; we might never get to know what happens behind the scenes. But do they offer refunds? The bank transfer can go one way, but not the other. My best advice really is to get acquainted with the payment method that you use regularly.

This will limit the anxiety you may feel when something goes awry. I hope this article was useful! Possible issues with credit cards: When you pay with a credit card, it covers the payment for you and authorizes the purchase. Debit cards Ah yes, the debit card. Now, onto the transactions themselves! Possible issues with debit cards: If you get any issues with payment, the best you can hope for is that your bank and your account have not been pinged.

Two things will have to happen: either a refund or cancellation.

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